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About Surefire Fitness About Surefire Fitness
Owner and operator, Kathryn McKenzie, has always had a passion for sports and fitness. She accepted a volleyball scholarship at UBC and graduated with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics.  
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A Few of Surefire's Services A Few of Surefire's Services
Personal Training
Golf Fitness Assessments
Small Group Training
Health & Fitness Consulting
Sport Specific Conditioning
Custom Fitness Programs
Group Fitness Classes
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There's no place to hide when you're working with a personal trainer... watch Mike Beauregard break a sweat thanks to Kathryn McKenzie from Surefire Fitness!
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Read what people are saying about training with Surefire Fitness!

Surefire Fitness has made a big difference in my overall health and well-being.  Like so many other people, I have a crazy busy, stressful life, balancing the demands of work and the needs of an active family.  Prior to joining Surefire Fitness, I was constantly tired, not sleeping well, and found the weight slowly creeping up.  I knew that I needed to make some changes and make my health a priority.  Since joining Surefire Fitness  I sleep better, feel better and maybe even look better!.  The classes are fun and challenging.  They are designed so you can go at your own pace, with enough edge to keep you working!   Thank you Surefire Fitness for helping me to get and stay healthy! (Lisa, Group Fitness Class Participant)


Surefire Fitness has really helped me stay on track with my fitness activity. I’ve tried several ways to make fitness a part of my life – including joining a gym, buying the workout videos, and having a fitness buddy. None of these had any sustained effect – I start out strong and fizzle out in a couple of weeks. I’ve been going to the Surefire Fitness classes on a regular basis for a couple of years now, and it’s the only thing that I found that keeps me motivated to keep going. The classes are fun - lots of variety, challenging but manageable, and my strength, balance and endurance have really improved - beyond what I ever thought possible. It’s also very appealing to me that Kate focuses on health and fitness in a balanced way – not the crazy ‘boot camp’ extremes, but just making choices that make sense for real life. Anyone who has struggled to find a sustainable fitness program should try it out – it really worked for me! (Carol-Ann, Group Fitness Class Participant, Sport Conditiioning Client & Competitive Sailer)


Since I have started with Surefire, I have set a personal best for the half marathon, at age 55!!  The program has helped me to improve my strength and my cardio-vascular endurance, I can see a 1:50 half in my future!!  Thanks Surefire Fitness!! (Mike, Endurance Athlete)


After having two children and going back to work full time I was struggling to find the time to exercise.  I felt tired, weak and unhappy about myself.  Surefire Fitness has helped me get back into an exercise routine by coming into our workplace over the noon hour and running a class for me and a few other interested colleagues.  We love it!  (Sheri, Fitness Enthusiast)


Kate is an excellent trainer who develops custom individual workout programs specifically tailored to your age and level of fitness. I have achieved significant benefits from following Kate’s workout programs over the past year. (Tim, Personal Training Client)



Before I started with Surefire Fitness, I was doing 15 physiotherapy exercises every night and was still having some pain and discomfort in my back and hips. This worried me. After joining the Surefire Fitness classes and gradually improving over the last 6 months, I no longer have any pain or discomfort and have been able to stop doing the physiotherapy all together. My body is much stronger and I feel healthier.  Hooray to the Bulgarian Lunge! Thanks Surefire for making me better. (Malvine, Personal Training Client & Group Fitness Class Participant)


One year ago I chose to work one to one with Kathryn McKenzie, owner and head trainer of Surefire Fitness, with the purpose of assessing my golf fitness and working to improve it.  Having worked with Kate for a year, I can say that I am feeling stronger, that I have better balance, flexibility and endurance, and that my golf fitness has improved measurably.  I can hit the golf ball further, and the core strength I have developed serves me well in any athletic undertaking, providing me with energy and an increased feeling of health and well being.  (Lawrence, Golfer)


I started working out at the gym about five years ago. By going to the gym I mean I did some cardio, used a few weight machines and thought I was doing a well-balanced workout. The routine nature of these workouts became boring and I after spending hours at the gym I wasn’t seeing any benefits. This is when I decided to get a trainer and called Surefire Fitness. I now have a balanced workout plan that fits my schedule, body type, and fitness level and continues to change and challenge me as I become stronger. I continue to see results including getting fitter and healthier as I work towards my goals at every workout. I only wish I had the guidance of Surefire Fitness when I first started working out five years ago. (Danielle, Personal Training Client)


Kate at Surefire Fitness has gotten me back on track!  My goal was to get back into shape, loose some weight, feel good about myself again and look "hot" at my daughter's wedding in the summer.  I've accomplished them all and am hooked on Kate's fitness regime. Thanks to Kate and a lot of hard work and sweat on my part, I've seen the results I wanted.  Her class is never the same or boring and ALWAYS challenging.  Kate is very knowledgeable, very caring & interested in your well-being, supportive and fun (funny -LOL).  I'd recommend her and her program to everyone, at any age, at any level! (Leslie - Group Fitness Class Participant)

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