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About Surefire Fitness About Surefire Fitness
Owner and operator, Kathryn McKenzie, has always had a passion for sports and fitness. She accepted a volleyball scholarship at UBC and graduated with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics.  
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Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been added to the Surefire Fitness web site to address questions often asked regarding the various programs offered by Surefire Fitness. If you have any further questions that are not answered below, please submit to

What is 4tFIRE?
The Surefire Fitness 4tFIRE is the name for the group fitness training offered by Surefire Fitness. It’s a shortened (and catchy) version of the word ‘FORTIFIER’ - something that makes you stronger and healthier. Sessions are ongoing and take place both indoors and outdoors depending on the season.

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat types of activities can you expect to do at 4tFIRE?
Every class is different - we do a variety of activities: agility ladders, mini hurdles, physio ball, Bosu, agility ball, cone drills, plyometrics, foam roller, medicine balls, mat exercises, tubing, core work, balance, agility, flexibility, strength, circuits - fun!

What is the difference between 4tFIRE and boot camp?
A lot of places are now offering boot camp style classes – large groups, very intense exercise, usually done in one month blocks with participants expected to attend classes several times per week.

While participants may see short term results, often times, participants are so depleted (or injured) upon completion of the boot camp, they no longer wish to exercise at all. This is sad and unfortunate as trainers should be striving to encourage people to make exercise a regular part of their lives and not promoting a quick-fix approach.  Imagine at nutritionist that encouraged you to go on a crash diet! We all know that doesn’t work and neither does boot camp in terms of long term health benefits.

In essence, the Surefire Fitness 4tFIRE is more fun! Yes, classes are challenging and designed to help make you fitter and stronger but at Surefire Fitness, we believe that fitness can and should be fun.

Participants come to class once or twice per week. In general, class sizes are smaller than a traditional boot camp which means each participant is getting more individual attention. The focus is more on proper form and technique which reduces the chance of injury and enables the training to be more efficient and effective.

Is there any running in 4tFIRE classes?
Some classes, there are drills or activities that include a little bit of running. The idea is to get your heart rate up and keep your body warm. However, participants are encouraged to work at their own level - 4tFIRE is not a running group.

Who should come to 4tFIRE?
Anyone who wants to feel healthier, fitter, or stronger - classes are suitable for all levels and age groups. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves to always do their best. Given that it is impossible to have a group with everyone at an identical level, options are given for each exercise and participants are encouraged to choose the option that will challenge them the most. 

What is the difference between Surefire Personal Training and Surefire Sport Conditioning?
Sport Conditioning is geared for athletes who are training for a specific sport or event. Surefire Fitness trains athletes who are competing in a variety of team and individual sports from recreational to elite level. Personal Training is for those people who want to get fitter for more general health purposes. Their fitness programs are customized to meet their personal health and fitness goals.

Are all Personal Trainers certified?
Unfortunately not - the qualifications of one trainer compared to another can vary greatly as there is no real governing body to regulate the field of personal training.  Some trainers are just people who are interested in fitness while others have extensive education in the form of university degrees in kinesiology or related fields. This is also why rates for personal training can vary so greatly, trainers with higher credentials are likely to charge more – and rightfully so.

I really want to work with a Personal Trainer but it seems too expensive for me – what can I do?
Your health and fitness should be top priority and getting help with that does not need to be overly expensive. Some people prefer to have a Personal Trainer with them for every workout but that may just not be feasible for everyone. If you prefer to be more independent, a good trainer will set you up on a fitness program that you can do on your own, with minimal equipment, and be available to help you if need be.

You can also save money by training with a friend (or small group of friends) and splitting the cost of having the trainer. Furthermore, you can participate in group fitness classes (Surefire Fitness 4tFIRE) which provide an excellent workout and cost much less per session compared to a personal training session.
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